About Us

Nepal Guide Trek has never failed to amuse its clients with its predesigned awesome packages. There is a variety of them and each has been planned in accordance to safety as well as contentment of the previous visitors. Their reviews have been upheld in valuable ways, making every journey improvised than ever before. Basically, it becomes very important for us to gratify our visitors as the country has always succeeded to do in a million ways. Our visions and mission are clearly simple and transparent, which makes us one of the most chosen companies in the search index results. However, our efforts have eternally remained consistent that people find it impressive and notable, as found. We promise to takes things even further for the sole purpose of the development of tourism industry in the country.

Not everyone has been able to comprehend the true beauty that lies in Nepal. This rare achievement requires travelling through places. We realized it years ago while travelling across the Himalayan foothills. And, this was how we thought of starting a company that could help foreign visitors from all around the world to gain access inside Nepal to enjoy hypnotic form of natural beauty existing there within. Meanwhile, people can also perform various kinds of adventurous sports such as Bungee Jumping, Paragliding and White Water Rafting to mention just a few. After all, Nepal is also equally popular for its unique and stirring cultures and traditions are unmatchable to any place on Earth. If you have never been to the country before, we assure you that it’s truly worth a visit.

Nepal Guide Trek has never refrained from complications. Neither has Nepal. The earthquake in 2015 did halt progression inside the country for a while. Even the number of incoming visitors dropped down. But, everything has managed to become the same again. The country has risen up to its full potential with the same kind of welcoming approach to visitors. We have seen people loving and admiring each aspect of Nepal over everything that they have experienced anywhere else. For all packages that we offer, we have a team of highly trained professionals and use of the right kind of equipment for the journey, accordingly.

We wish you a safe flight inside the country and we hope that you have the best holiday in Nepal full of cherished that shall remain unforgettable for lifelong and exceptional at its prime.